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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union – Meridian, West Side, and South Side Branches

East Lansing, Michigan

Daniels and Zermack planned these new branch office buildings to provide the members of the credit union with several alternative ways to receive service.

Eight teller stations plus interior ATMs are augmented by four drive-up lanes and two drive-up ATM lanes. A two-person receptionist station and nine offices for member service allow for more complex transactions. An Internet station allows staff to demonstrate how members can do their business from home or office.

The high center section of the building and the clerestory windows along the sides of the peak give brightness and light to the interior. Behind the glass-ceiling conference room are service spaces for members and staff.

The architectural design of the 7,400 sq. ft. brick building features a high-peaked roof to stand out in the suburban shopping environment. Naturally, the building is trimmed in MSU "Spartan" green.

Daniels and Zermack staff also did the interior design, specified all of the furnishings, selected the accessory items and signage, and designed the custom cabinetwork for the project.

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