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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Located on one of the highest traffic volume intersections in the area, Bank of Ann Arbor wanted to take advantage of this location with a spectacular, attention-getting new building. The architects of Daniels and Zermack responded by developing a strong visual image for the landmark building. The towers at each end denote the two entries, one from the main street and one from the parking area. The large arch frames the lobby waiting area and the lighted “street clock” that provides an interior focal point.

This 3,400 sq. ft. branch includes three teller stations plus drive-up, three private offices, and two customer service locations. Although the building did not permit a large floor area for the lobby, the architects made the lobby feel like a truly spacious and special place. Featured are a high domed ceiling, echoed by smaller domes in the entries; decorative coves with concealed lighting; and a special waiting area that functions as a business center, with video financial news to promote the bank’s personal banking services

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