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First Resource Credit Union – Exterior

Holland and Holland Township, Michigan
Fort Smith and Van Buren, Arkansas Branches

Daniels and Zermack was commissioned by the credit union to create a prototype branch office that could be constructed on two sites in Arkansas and two sites in Western Michigan, as well as future sites to be acquired. Central to the planning is an operational strategy and the customer experience; the customer can be greeted and served at the greeter station or the greeter can refer them to others nearby.

Because some of the sites are entered away from the main streets, the drive-up canopy became a second major architectural focal point, serving as a second "front" for the building and providing a major point of identity to passing traffic.

Essential to the design of the building is the owner's desire to enhance their brand and market their services to the customers. The building allows for multiple logo placements, appropriate signage, and multiple video marketing locations.

An Internet Café and hospitality areas were incorporated into the retail concept. All of these design elements meld to add to the fresh contemporary and current feel of the design. The use of teal, the credit union's corporate color, was the starting point of the interior design.

The furniture and finishes provided by Daniels and Zermack and the custom designed cabinets maintain all of the necessary elements to support an ever-increasing electronic environment.

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