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Wanigas Federal Credit Union – West Office

Saginaw Township, Michigan

After study by Daniels and Zermack helped the credit union determine that their old branch office was too small for their growth, management found a new site nearby. This 12,000 sq. ft. full-service branch facility includes four drive-up lanes (expandable to six) with a separate drive-up ATM placed on a different side.

The computer center for the credit union is located in the back near the employee area so that when the staff has to work late, they can easily use the back employee entrance and nearby toilets and lunch room. There is plenty of expansion space for future growth.

Arrangement of the building is very logical: tellers to the left of the raised ceiling lobby with the drive-up area behind them; cash and safe-deposit vault nearby; member service area to the right with loan offices behind; and employee-only areas at the back.

The unusual teller area has both stand-up teller positions and stations where the teller platform is raised so sitting staff can assist standing members.

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