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Belleville Area District Library

Belleville, Michigan

The Belleville Area District Library commissioned Daniels and Zermack Architects (previously Penchansky Whisler Architects) to develop a conceptual design for a new two story 45,000 square foot Main Library to be constructed on the shore of Belleville Lake. The Library is working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to jointly develop the site to include the new library, lake side outdoor terraces, naturalized areas, and lakeshore trail with fishing platforms to provide public fishing access at this site.  Extensions of the lakeshore trail across the adjacent Belleville Road bridge to Downtown Belleville on the opposite side of the lake is being discussed for possible funding by the Belleville and Van Buren Township DDAs.

The conceptual design takes advantage of views to the lake while utilizing a sustainable design approach incorporating geothermal heating and cooling, maximizing opportunities for natural daylighting, incorporating LED lighting and advanced lighting control systems technology, vegetative roofs and pervious paving to reduce storm water run-off, and roof mounted solar photovoltaic panels to help offset the building’s energy impact.  The site design is proposed to incorporate native, low impact landscaping including bank stabilization and enhancement of the existing shoreline.  Sustainable stormwater management practices will filter on site and off-site flow through storm water runoff in the existing ravine between the proposed parking areas prior to discharge into the lake, thereby helping to enhance existing lake water quality.

In addition to the Main Library, our work also included the conceptual design of a 3,400 sf satellite branch facility to be located in the southern portion of the 72 square mile service district in renovated space within the existing Sumpter Township Community Center.

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