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Completion of Construction

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Time – Cost – Quality

With Daniels and Zermack's integrated start-to-finish approach to architecture and interior design, it's possible to achieve all three of these outcomes:

  • Expedient Schedule
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Superior Quality

When the construction is being completed and you are preparing to occupy the building, it always seems as though there are a million little details to attend to.

Your architects and interior designers at Daniels and Zermack are there to help you through the stress. We will help you identify the items that require completion, repair, or replacement by the contractors, and we will prepare and issue a list of such items.

You want the building and grounds clean and ready for opening day. We will work to make sure that the contractor is living up to the contract terms and conditions for closing the project out. This includes performing the final cleaning as well as providing you with record documents, building and operational manuals, hands-on instruction on the operation of the heating, air conditioning, and electrical equipment, and the warranties and guarantees you are entitled to.

We will review the final waivers of lien and the contractor's final pay request and documentation so that all financial obligations pertaining to your project have been fulfilled.

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